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(1)No caps or swearing, this includes all major swear words,abbreviations etc. and insulting words to players.

(2)No hacking or exploiting of any kind.

(3) No harassment based on gender, sex, race, or rank, this includes insulting someone based on whats listed, as well as staff.

(4) Absolutely no advertisement of any kind, this covers youtube and other servers. If you wish to advertise, do it on the forums.

(5) Speak only English in all discord channels, this is to ensure everyone can communicate with everyone, if you wish to speak in your own language, please use the private message on discord.

(6) No attempts at flirting or manipulating staff members, they're staff working out of their time to make your experience better.

(7) This server is a PG server, as such, no sexual, racist, discriminating, or other, that would break this PG rule. We have young people playing on this server, and as such, we want to keep it clean.

(8) The staff never owe you anything, all of them including myself already give a lot of our free time up to keep the server and modpack in a good state for you.

(9) All rules are at the discretion of the staff, rules can be added and changed without notice if the situation calls for it. Listen and respect the staff.

(10) No trying to gain sympathy from players about things not relating to minecraft. This is a game, not a place to get sympathy from others about issues you're dealing with.

(11) No Ban Evasion of any kind (this includes using friends/family accounts to discuss your ban with staff members).

(12) No political or religious discussion of any kind in all discord channels. This promotes arguments, flamewars, and hate comments. keep that discussion elsewhere.

(13) Do not private message staff about non serious issues that can be resolved in chat especially by a player. (This includes Owners and Devs).

(14) Don't go to a specific staff member about problems or issues, unless the issue itself is specific for that staff member. We have a team of staff for a reason, and most of them are perfectly able to answer general queries or problems.

(15) No disrespect to player, staff, or the server. This is a game/discord server, and people come here to chat etc., people may have bad days, but thats no excuse to take it out on other people, regardless of the situation.
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