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Generator/Power Flower Rules

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Due to continued abuse by players to spam as many unnecessary generators and power flowers, I've been forced to create limits per town. These limits will be effective for every player with no exceptions.

Generator Rules
First, a brief description as to what I class a generator as. A generator is any machine or block that generates power in any form for any mod, these can range from the solar panels in extra utilities, to the big reactor. All nations will start off with 40 points for the first person, and 10 more for every person after that, or for a bit of math, 40 + ((n - 1) * 10).

Ok, so to get into the generators:
  • Solar Panels (Any Mod): 2 points
  • Water Generators: 2 Points
  • Generators (These can be coal, fuel, etc): 2 points
  • Wind Generators: 3 points
  • Mekanism Reactors: 5 Points
  • Big Reactors: 20 points for anything smaller than 9x9x9, 40 points for anything between that and 14x14x14, 100 points for anything between that and 20x20x20
Power Flower Rules
First, a brief description as to what I class a PowerFlowers.  A power flower is either a PowerFlower, or the components to make one, this includes the condenser. All nations will start off with 20 powerflowers, with the rate been increased by 5 for every player after the first, or for those who prefer math, 20 + ((n - 1) * 5).

To list what components make a power flower, this is the list below
  • 1 Condenser
  • 5 Relays
  • 17 Collectors
If you use Collectors or Relays anywhere else, then it's considered a point off your power flower limit. Additionally, while the recipe for Condensed Relays and PowerFlowers go slightly above this, their point is to be more efficient, both for you and the server, and thus have a slight exception. You can still have up to 5 Condensed Relays per power flower if you combine your total relays and collectors for that PowerFlower.

These numbers are not final, and I suggest you check back here regularly/
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