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Regarding the recent server issues and moving forward.

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So, a lot has happened since the launch of TCR 2.0, and a lot of major exploits that wasn't covered during closed beta testing appeared in bulk, ranging from minor mistakes, to major exploits. Without listing each one (as there were many), this has caused players to be far ahead of what they should be vs their intended progression pace, for example, the first person to get blue matter took them 4 days after launch, while I designed the modpack to take two weeks to reach that point, and it was all down to exploits, whether intentional or unintentional that caused players to shoot far ahead of their intended progression speed. The recent, and last major exploit discovered that to me, finally caused me to snap was the ability to dupe using any protection method, and the moment it was publicly discovered, rather than just one person reporting it and leaving it at that, I found within that one hour, everyone was exploiting it. This, to me, has caused irreversible damage to the server and it's progression/economy as a whole, where even if I let it slide, try to remove a lot of the dupe items, might take a normal legit player about 3 months to catch up to what people made in that one hour. 

Then there's the tile entity bugs. A lot of these issues were not any fault of my own, and are all legit bugs that are completely out of my control, and I must wait for an official fix rather than simply attempt to make a fix myself. This has had a negative effect, causing some things to be an exploit that shouldn't be an exploit, like a collector tile duping itself on the same spot, effectively creating two or more of itself. Since this is an official bug with no reproduce-able steps, but happens frequently, there's no way any player has intentionally abused this, however whether they realized or not, have taken advantage of this. 

Then, there's mod balance issues. As some of you know, the absolute best way to get emc right now is to go into the nether, and mine, smelt all the ores to make 4x, or even more of the original value, and part of this is intended, however a large part of it is not. You see, the ore generation rate of the nether is far higher than it's intended amount, causing 3x or more worth of ore to generate instead of a balanced amount like the overworld, causing yet another exploit that players took advantage of whether they knew about it or not. Then there's the ring, the flying ring that allowed players to get flying very early on. The reason this was not discovered until after launch was because I was actually told, by my beta testers, that the recipe for the ring required a rare and hard to get item to make. This lead me to ignore it's balance until after players started to spam make the ring, then it suddenly became apparent that it was not balanced at all, and was far too cheap to maintain flight that it completely made the Swift Wolf ring obsolete. This did annoy me as one of my main goals was to make one mod not completely better than the other, yet here we are.

Then, there's Mekanism. Mekanism at first was one of those mods I was greatly interested in using as it was different than the normal IC2, and has been around for a long time, so I wanted to give it a chance, and was kinda happy when players voted it in, however what I soon realized was it was plagued with issues and the developer has stopped properly supporting it with regular updates. Now, in the past few days there has been some commits, but these commits have been very small changes, like language file changes, and nothing resolving the major issues the mod faces, like machines disappearing, energy dupe, cables not transferring power correctly, etc. These are issues that sadly do not look like they will get fixed anytime soon without major rewrites behind the scenes, something that goes far beyond what I'm personally willing to do. This had lead me to decide, if I should replace Mekanism with another mod, or leave it in and at least disable the cables and hope that a patch is made to resolve the rest. 

All in all, after all the issues and problems I've face in a relatively short amount of time, it has lead me to make a choice whether the world should be started clean with everyone on a fair, equal playing field, or if I should just let the world continue, knowing people have had a massive unfair advantage over others, and knowing the world has had irreversible damage. Additionally if Mekanism is to be replaced, it would be best replacing it on a world reset than on an already generated one, and on the subject of world generation, if the world is reset, I would like to consider replacing the world generator with something like biomes o plenty that is at least well optimized in it's generation, even if the end result isn't as fancy.  I know a lot of people have put a large amount of time and hours into this world, so this is not a decision that can be taken lightly, however I also have to think about the modpack moving forward as a whole and what's best in the long run. No matter the decision however, Sky, and any other world type project I want to do will wait until all issues are fully resolved.  As for the decision to leave the world or start anew, I will leave this vote to the players, as this is something that will ultimately effect every single person no matter what the decision is. 

To cast your vote, simply click this link -

If you want to input any feedback of your own or add to the discussion, do so here.
if there is a new world are everyone going to keep what they have in their inventory and ach bags or is it going to be completly a new start
There is no point of having a world reset if people keep what they have, the whole reason for a reset is that people exploited so much that the damage is irreversible.
RIP my skyscraper, it was nice knowing you q.q.

Many Bothans died to bring us this information

I honestly feel like there should be a punishment for those who did abuse the system because its in a way thei fault that fair players who didnt abuse have to lose their progress too. Im not trying to sound rude or anything just saying because it seems there was a lot who abused exploits.
Two problems with that, first is, it's not possible to know exactly who exploited the major exploits unless I catch them in the act. Second, there was other exploits that was completely unknown to the player, for example the powerflower generating insane amounts of emc and the nether having way too much ore. This is stuff that your average player would have done without having a second thought if it's correct or not, and you cant really blame them either.

The idea of a world reset is not to punish anybody, and I've even been speaking to bluexin about maybe schematic the buildings that people put legit effort into and attempt to port them over, of course stripping all machines, and maybe even telling the player that there's a cost that they must earn before their house is re-placed into the world. If the Buildcraft Builder was working, I would take blueprints of their base and then give that to players instead.
Oh okay i guess i was thinking plainly, and not the best for everyone sorry. But i guess your right and thats probably a better way also any rough estimate when the server will be back i know its lots of hard work but like just a random guess would be okay thanks again for all the hard work being put in for this server. I wish you guys the best of luck
If I could potentially get the base I built back, I am in support of this decision. I am fully fine with resetting my progression in the world, I just don't want to spend hours upon hours rebuilding.

Many Bothans died to bring us this information

While I cannot guarantee everyones house will be ported, I will ask all active members to say if they have a house worth porting, and I will inspect it and decide myself. If I find a house not worth porting, either because it's too basic and could be remade in 1-2 hours, or because a large majority of the house is made out of expensive blocks, then I'll pass on it, otherwise it will be ported, and a price will be attached in order to paste it. The cost will be a rough average cost of materials plus a small fee to make sure it's just over the actual cost.

As for ETA, there is none. I'll be updating the main topic when issues are fixed, however I also want another beta period to test parts of the modpack again, to make sure all issues are resolved. I don't want anything like this to happen again and as such going to put a lot more focus into the smaller details.
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