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TCR Origins and future modpacks - Tencao - 14-08-2017

So for awhile 2.0 has been redone from scratch due to not only the exploits and problems with it, but also because the community decided it would be best splitting the modpack into two, however I feel that 2.1 is vastly different from 2.0, and it doesn't seem right to call it 3.0 when 2.0 barely lasted at all. So what I've decided to do now is call 2.1 TCR Origins. The name comes from the fact that it's going back to it's roots, focusing more on TCR 1 while still bringing some new stuff from 2.0 with it, and will also serve as a base for future modpacks. The name TCR is now also more of a brand name similar to FTB, and will be used to identify all future packs created by me, so it's easy to find and identify in the future. 

For those wondering on progress of TCR Origins, it's almost done. There has been some last minute bugs that has appeared which if you was watching discord chat you would know about, but we're almost at release stage now and it wont be long until release. For those also wondering about the TCR Sky, that will also be released shortly after the release of TCR Origins, as that requires a bit more work that doesn't directly affect TCR Origins, so releasing that first makes more sense. I plan on the release being as stable as possible so future development can go smoothly, so I appreciate the patience and I hope the end result is worth it.