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Posted by: Tencao - 14-08-2017, 11:43 AM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies
  • So for awhile 2.0 has been redone from scratch due to not only the exploits and problems with it, but also because the community decided it would be best splitting the modpack into two, however I feel that 2.1 is vastly different from 2.0, and it doesn't seem right to call it 3.0 when 2.0 barely lasted at all. So what I've decided to do now is call 2.1 TCR Origins. The name comes from the fact that it's going back to it's roots, focusing more on TCR 1 while still bringing some new stuff from 2.0 with it, and will also serve as a base for future modpacks. The name TCR is now also more of a brand name similar to FTB, and will be used to identify all future packs created by me, so it's easy to find and identify in the future. 

    For those wondering on progress of TCR Origins, it's almost done. There has been some last minute bugs that has appeared which if you was watching discord chat you would know about, but we're almost at release stage now and it wont be long until release. For those also wondering about the TCR Sky, that will also be released shortly after the release of TCR Origins, as that requires a bit more work that doesn't directly affect TCR Origins, so releasing that first makes more sense. I plan on the release being as stable as possible so future development can go smoothly, so I appreciate the patience and I hope the end result is worth it.

Posted by: Tencao - 09-05-2017, 06:05 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies
  • So recently some IRL issues have come up which has resulting in me moving location and having to find work again. Naturally, this will cause alot of downtime both for development and testing since the server will be down during this time frame as well. For any of you asking, no, the project is not dead and development is still happening, however real life issues take priority here and until I'm fully sorted out, the project is on hold. I will update this post again once things are done but until then please be understanding.

Posted by: Kirbeh - 25-02-2017, 08:57 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies
  • There has been a major security flaw within Cloudflare and thus meaning within Discord. Its highly suggested that you cycle your passwords everywhere.

    Between 2016-09-22 - 2017-02-18 passwords, private messages, API keys, and other sensitive data were leaked by Cloudflare to random requesters.
    Data was cached by search engines, and may have been collected by random adversaries over the past few months.

    "The greatest period of impact was from February 13 and February 18 with around 1 in every 3,300,000 HTTP requests through Cloudflare potentially resulting in memory leakage (that’s about 0.00003% of requests), potential of 100k-200k paged with private data leaked every day"

    What you should do
    Change all your passwords, especially those on these affected sites. Rotate API keys & secrets, and confirm you have 2-FA set up for important accounts. Of the sites compromised, most notably there is Reddit, Uber, StackOverflow, Patreon, DigitalOcean, 4chan, and many many more. 

    You can check which sites were affected by this on the readme of this github page

    I cannot stress this enough, please change your passwords everywhere as this affects everyone everywhere!

Posted by: Tencao - 14-01-2017, 11:49 AM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies
  • So, I've gone into detail about the current server issues, and current world issues already (both topics will be linked at the bottom), and in the end, a large majority of players have voted for a fresh start with all the issues fixed, and I want to take this time to discuss my plans for TCR from this point forward. 

    For those who're reading this with no prior knowledge to any of the previous issues, I'm going to give a brief summary of the current problems. There was a lot of unintended exploits on the world that was not foreseen during beta testing but was during release, this ranges from everything from cocoa bean EMC value, to the nether ores, to the insane EMC generation rate of power flowers. All of this has lead me to take the server down and address these issues, but I also feel like taking the time to bring the quality of the modpack up to my standard, as I've been making people wait for months for TCR 2.0 and for this to be the result, I'm extremely disappointed with myself and want to correct it. 

    So, first things first, exploits are been fixed, and FPS issues are being dealt with, as well as any other bugs, big or small. This is our current biggest priority. Aside from this, several mods will be removed completely, these mods are as follows:

    • End Ores
    • Iron Chest (It is completely made obsolete thanks to similar but better storage mods installed)
    • NetherCore
    • Quantum Storage (We already have several blocks that achieve this, we don't need another)
    There may be more added to the list as time goes on, but for now these are the ones that will absolutely be removed. In addition to the mods being removed though, I will also be taking the time to look into mods suggested to me. These are not guaranteed to be included, but are ones that I have some interest in adding in. There may be others not listed, but these are the ones off the top of my head.

    In regards to Mekanism, we've had a lot of bugs surrounding it, however I want to attempt to resolve those bugs first before outright dismissing the mod, but if it's not possible, then a substitute may be needed. Thermal Expansion is now getting ported, but could take months to be released, and IC2 is an option but more of a last resort as it breaks the current universal power system (RF). We will attempt to make the update compatible with previous worlds for those on single player as I believe it's unfair to punish those on single player based on the issues of multiplayer, however if something breaks in order to fix something, then I will rather fix the issue than ignore it for single player.

    In regards to the server, 3/4 of the player base voted for a new world in order to reset the progression and for everyone to have a complete fresh start with no exploits. For this to be achieved, we need to have another beta test period to make sure all of the exploits are tracked down and fixed before launching again. Additionally, as I've discussed with Bluexin and other players, I will be hosting a list for active players who put a lot of work and effort into their base to get it copied to the new world, with all chests and machines removed. If the house has not had a decent amount of effort put in, can be rebuilt in 2-3 hours, and is mostly made up of expensive or end game items, it will be ignored. Additionally, in order to paste it in the new world, there will be a fee of around the average EMC cost for materials plus an additional fee to make sure the cost is a little over the total it would have cost EMC wise, this fee will be paid for in EMC value so you wont get your house back straight away, but it will be kept waiting. 
    [Image: cad5df187dd244efa8d1d634fb8df514.png]

    In regards to other projects I'm working on, I feel that due to the server being down, and this next update hopefully going to fully address all the major exploits and bugs, I'm going to try and release TCR Sky alongside with it. Additionally, I know a lot of you have been nagging and nagging for ECR to return, and if enough interest is shown, I may consider working on it again, however I believe in rebuilding it from the ground up rather than simply releasing what was already there. 

    Any other questions, ideas, please post them in the Development, Suggestions & Feedback Forum

    Additionally, if you wish to read up on the current issue tracker regarding the most recent exploits, please read
    Also, if you're interested in the previous post regarding the server issues and moving forward, I suggest reading

Posted by: Tencao - 12-01-2017, 12:10 AM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies
  • So, I talked about the need for this based on the tile entity issues, and other lag issues, however with recent major exploits also revealed, I've been forced to take the server down until these issues are resolved. I will update this as work is done, but until then, the server will remain down

    Issues left to fix:

    • Tile Entity Duping Glitch (Not item glitch)
    • Mob Spawning Lag
    • Duping Bug with Protection
    • Duping Energy bug with Mekanism
    • AE2 Systems not powering properly
    • Mekanism blocks disappearing

Posted by: Tencao - 07-01-2017, 02:02 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies
  • Due to continued abuse by players to spam as many unnecessary generators and power flowers, I've been forced to create limits per town. These limits will be effective for every player with no exceptions.

    Generator Rules
    First, a brief description as to what I class a generator as. A generator is any machine or block that generates power in any form for any mod, these can range from the solar panels in extra utilities, to the big reactor. All nations will start off with 40 points for the first person, and 10 more for every person after that, or for a bit of math, 40 + ((n - 1) * 10).

    Ok, so to get into the generators:

    • Solar Panels (Any Mod): 2 points
    • Water Generators: 2 Points
    • Generators (These can be coal, fuel, etc): 2 points
    • Wind Generators: 3 points
    • Mekanism Reactors: 5 Points
    • Big Reactors: 20 points for anything smaller than 9x9x9, 40 points for anything between that and 14x14x14, 100 points for anything between that and 20x20x20
    Power Flower Rules
    First, a brief description as to what I class a PowerFlowers.  A power flower is either a PowerFlower, or the components to make one, this includes the condenser. All nations will start off with 20 powerflowers, with the rate been increased by 5 for every player after the first, or for those who prefer math, 20 + ((n - 1) * 5).

    To list what components make a power flower, this is the list below
    • 1 Condenser
    • 5 Relays
    • 17 Collectors
    If you use Collectors or Relays anywhere else, then it's considered a point off your power flower limit. Additionally, while the recipe for Condensed Relays and PowerFlowers go slightly above this, their point is to be more efficient, both for you and the server, and thus have a slight exception. You can still have up to 5 Condensed Relays per power flower if you combine your total relays and collectors for that PowerFlower.

    These numbers are not final, and I suggest you check back here regularly/

Posted by: Kirbeh - 16-12-2016, 08:13 AM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies
  • (1)No caps or swearing, this includes all major swear words,abbreviations etc. and insulting words to players.

    (2)No hacking or exploiting of any kind.

    (3) No harassment based on gender, sex, race, or rank, this includes insulting someone based on whats listed, as well as staff.

    (4) Absolutely no advertisement of any kind, this covers youtube and other servers. If you wish to advertise, do it on the forums.

    (5) Speak only English in all discord channels, this is to ensure everyone can communicate with everyone, if you wish to speak in your own language, please use the private message on discord.

    (6) No attempts at flirting or manipulating staff members, they're staff working out of their time to make your experience better.

    (7) This server is a PG server, as such, no sexual, racist, discriminating, or other, that would break this PG rule. We have young people playing on this server, and as such, we want to keep it clean.

    (8) The staff never owe you anything, all of them including myself already give a lot of our free time up to keep the server and modpack in a good state for you.

    (9) All rules are at the discretion of the staff, rules can be added and changed without notice if the situation calls for it. Listen and respect the staff.

    (10) No trying to gain sympathy from players about things not relating to minecraft. This is a game, not a place to get sympathy from others about issues you're dealing with.

    (11) No Ban Evasion of any kind (this includes using friends/family accounts to discuss your ban with staff members).

    (12) No political or religious discussion of any kind in all discord channels. This promotes arguments, flamewars, and hate comments. keep that discussion elsewhere.

    (13) Do not private message staff about non serious issues that can be resolved in chat especially by a player. (This includes Owners and Devs).

    (14) Don't go to a specific staff member about problems or issues, unless the issue itself is specific for that staff member. We have a team of staff for a reason, and most of them are perfectly able to answer general queries or problems.

    (15) No disrespect to player, staff, or the server. This is a game/discord server, and people come here to chat etc., people may have bad days, but thats no excuse to take it out on other people, regardless of the situation.

Posted by: Tencao - 30-11-2016, 01:51 PM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (21)
  • So, TCR 2.0 is approaching closed beta now, and as such I need a bunch of people ready to test it. Since the old thread was lost as well as it being awhile ago, you will need to apply again for a chance to be in. 

    Before you apply though, there is a quick rundown on the things you need to know.

    • This world will be reset several times, including when it's fully released
    • Items will not be kept
    • Progress will be reset
    • There will be bugs, exploits, and instances where your items and buildings may be reset
    • Everything needs to be reported, failure to do so could force you to be removed from closed beta testing
    • Not all permissions and commands will work
    • The server and client may update several times a day during this phase
    • The beta can last between a few days and a few weeks. depending on bugs and balance
    • Everything is left up to my discretion during this, rules can change and I am free to add or remove anyone at will during this time.
    Ok, if you're still interested in helping test this modpack, here's a few bits of info I need.
    • Minecraft Username
    • Time spent on the modpack (TCR)
    • All mods you have experience with
    • Experience you have when testing stuff
    • Your technic client id (can be found in launcher options)
    • Agree that you accept all that's listed above.

Posted by: Tencao - 28-11-2016, 09:09 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies
  • This is the place to find all the Frequently Asked Questions by players, it will be updated regularly, so please make sure to check back every now and then. Additionally, feel free to link this to anyone asking questions that's answered here.

    Q. When will 2.0 be released?
    A. When it's done. There is no set date, and it will be released when I'm satisfied with it.

    Q. When will the official server be back up?
    A. When 2.0 is released

    Q. What are the rules?
    A. The rules are currently being redone for 2.0. When it's done, it will be linked here.

    Q. Are there any staff spots open?
    A. There are staff spots, however there are no applications yet. Again, this will be open closer too 2.0's release

    Q. Can I apply for the beta of 2.0?

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