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TCR Network Accounts

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Hi everyone!

Kirbeh here, and I'm about to tell you what's happening with the accounts system.

As I'm sure you've seen, the normal login and registration methods have been hidden, and also deprecated (not supported).

The way you login to the TCR Network has been made as easy as possible: Discord!

Discord is the main 3rd party platform that we support for signing in, and creating an account, due to it being our main chat system as well.

If you made an account prior to this update, you were given the option to "Link to Discord", which has now been switched off, unless you are signed in without Discord being linked, in which case, you will be forced to link before continuing on the TCR Network.

We may or may not support other providers for authentication in the future.

Other providers can be: Facebook, Google, LINE, Microsoft, Steam, Twitch, and Yahoo. 

We will not be supporting Minecraft/Mojang accounts until there is an API provided by them.
Other providers update:

You can now link Facebook, Microsoft Account (personal), and Microsoft Account (Office365 / Work or School).
Users that have created an account before this update are now required to link to Discord.

You will be forcefully redirected to the Discord sign-in system, until you link your TCR account to it.
Providers update:

You can now link and sign in with Google and Twitch.

The last provider update will be soon.

These providers you link also help us to help you verify your account if you ever lose access.
Username/Email + Password has been allowed as a login method again, to allow support for legacy applications by Tencao and myself.

Note: If you did not set a password, and have only been logging in using Discord, you may reset your password here
I will be moving from a SAML based sso to an oauth based one.

You, the users may not notice anything different, but performance wise, oauth is faster, and more secure.

Upon this move, however, you may have to grant access to the forums using the oauth protocol.

The oauth 2.0 compliant screen will have the information about the scopes (parts of your account) that you will be accessing. (By default, TCR Network requests all available scopes, including hidden scopes that will not be made public.)

Upon opening up oauth, we may or may not allow access to a public API for user authentication in your own projects. (If you want to use TCR Network Auth)
LINE and have been added as sign-in providers!
Due to clutter, and barely anyone linking I have decided to remove the following 3rd party providers:

LINE, Microsoft account (Office365), and Twitch.

I will also be adding Steam as a provider to sign in with.
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