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Closed Beta Signups
Minecraft Username: xLokiN
Time spent on the modpack (TCR) at least 200hrs but on older versions
All mods you have experience with: im pretty sure every tcr mod
Experience you have when testing stuff: i started a new world and had one crash when gennerating
Your technic client id: 0a6125e5-4d73-47d3-b47b-8e6ef0255706
Agree that you accept all that's listed above. yee
Minecraft Username: TechnotronYT
Time Spent: around 10 hours
Mods I have experience with: every mod in TCR 2
Experience: reporting lots of bugs in any modpacks that I have played
Your Technic Client ID: 09ac3361-0472-42f9-83a7-407788ecf8ff
Agree that you accept all that's listed above: YES!

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