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Server help ish
Im kind of new. I havent played this in a couple years. I was wondering if the official server is working. If not does anyone else have a server they play on for tcreborn?
2.0 is dead, 2.1 is currently in development (closed beta), server files are not available. AFAIK, once the closed beta ends, it can potentially enter open beta and then it'll be public. Server files won't be released until after the public server has been running for a bit (week or so?), as the developer doesn't want to release an unstable modpack.

One of the reasons 2.0 was killed was due to the number of bugs and exploits people were encountering/abusing.

The ETA for the release dates are currently unknown. The word thus far is ~not anytime soon~. The devs do not answer timeframe questions, or estimated completion percentages or anything of the sort.

Many Bothans died to bring us this information

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